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  • Two brand new baits from the ABS Stable, that have been extremely sucessful during development. Read More


Active Bait Solutions was founded by Geoff Bowers in 2003. Geoff has been making bait since 1983, he then founded Premier Baits in 1986 and had great success developing many house hold known baits such as Fish base, spiced fish, aminos, and supermarinos culminating with the Matrix. Geoff then left Premier Baits. He then decided to start Active Bait Solutions, a company that makes carp baits with revolutionary attractors, such as pre-digested fish liquids and other bio attractors.

We help other companies with developing top quality carp baits and attractors, and we will develop any type of bait for individual anglers as long as the order is commercially viable which gives the modern carp angler a new string to their bow. We have a vast range of different ingredients and attractors available to us of the highest quality available. Not forgetting, of course, our fantastic range of baits which we have designed and extensively fieldtested. We are always willing to talk on the phone and give honest advice.