Custom Mixes - your unique specification made real

We have access to many high quality ingredients, allowing many different combinations of bait. If you wish to create your own bait, that is possible, with many options we can give you that uniqueness that you require.

Bait Formulation

You have many options when it comes to creating your own bait, from building your own base mix, attractor system, colours and flavours, or using our proven base mixes and attractor packages and building into it your own colour and flavour requirements - be different, be individual.


Through our many years of bait experience, we know bait and the ingredients we have available to us. You can call on our experience to formulate your own bait. We will advise you on the different ingredients and the quantities that are used.


Unique bait that you order is unique to you. We will not disclose your bait to anyone, 100% discretion. This ensures that you are the only one using your very own bait, rolled with the quality that is synonymous with Active Bait Solutions.

Due to our strong trade links with companies, there may be certain flavour combinations that we cannot offer you due to our discretionary policy. However, we will work with you to create a close alternative that will still do what your requirements are. We will be completely honest with you about what we can and cannot provide to you on enquiry.