Enzyme Mixes - Pioneering bait development

Enzymes have been imperative to bait development. Enzymes are highly beneficial to carp bait, enhancing the nutritional values in baits in the shape of proteins and the high digestibility creating a totally unique, edible and nutritional bait.  Some say the Enzyme Mixes are truly Active Baits.

Standard Enzyme Mix

The enzyme bait is a natural brown colour, containing liquid fish enzyme, light flavour levels and very subtle but highly attractive to carp. This bait can also be coloured in red if required.

Spicy Red Enzyme

The spicy red enzyme bait incorporates all of the original enzyme attractors, but with the addition of a very pungent spicy flavour.


The GNZ is a natural, highly digestible fish base mix which uses our fish enzyme liquid, our devastating garlic concentrate and very low levels of flavours.


DGT utilises a new base using a different bird food which includes fishmeal protein and a red and yellow egg food. We have also incorporated liquid fish enzyme at higher levels, which is infused with tuna concentrate, N Butyric Acid and active garlic at double the amount used in our GNZ bait.