Malarkie Mixes - our 'flagship' basemix. Caught tonnes of carp from the UK and Europe

Our original and most popular boilie made from top quality fishmeals, bird foods and milk proteins. This bait comes in four standard versions, all of which are red in colour. This range of bait has been designed to give you an all round summer and winter bait with slight tweaks in some variations to give you the edge when winter temperatures start to drop. All these mixes incorporate Hydrolysed Marine Protein as the main attractor.

Malarkie Original

The original Malarkie is the benchmark base mix. This bait uses a Squid Crayfish flavour with Hydrolysed Marine Attractor. The Malarkie is still our best seller and the best fishmeal bait for at least the last five years.

Frankfurter Malarkie

The Frankfurter Malarkie uses our Malarkie base mix with our Frankfurter Sausage flavour. Same mix and levels of attractor with a different flavour profile.

5th Element

This is a cold water Malarkie mix which gives you a cold water attractor system. Using the Malarkie base mix; we use the Hydro Marine Protein at a higher level incorporating liquid liver extract to give increased Vitamin B content. We then infuse these two liquids with two very soluble flavours - Condensed Milk and Dairy Cream and then add a very low amount of Butyric Acid to buffer the PH Values. This variation can still be used in the summer months and will be just as effective, as some anglers who won't change after their great winter results.

Skunk and Garlic

Using our trustworthy Malarkie base mix we use our liquid from our GNZ mix which is a devastating attractor combination which includes, Liquid fish enzyme, Garlic concentrate, cream and crayfish at very low levels. We then add the legendary Skunk essential oil at the correct and acceptable level to optimise catch rates for all year round fishing. With this mix we will customize to your requirements for example; different flavours or liquids as long as the required amount of bait exceeds 20 kilos of boilies.