Nut Mixes - an all time carp hauling classic

The original nut mix has been around for four years and is considered the bench mark for all nut mixes. It is used by many other companies and also attempted to copy by some.

Original Nut

We use a top quality tiger nut meal mixed with human grade roasted peanut, bird food, milks and carbohydrates. The liquid attractor has two oils, three flavours and a sweetener which produces a sweet nutty creamy smell with hints of roasted nut.

Maple Nut

The maple nut utilises the original nut base mix; including natural maple and cream with our nut oil blend.

Coco Ice

The coco ice bait utilises the original nut base mix; but also added are red egg food and cream stim with a hint of Turkish delight and coconut and blended nut oils.

Nut Tutti

The nut tutti again; utilises the same proven original nut base mix, but orange in colour. In addition to tutti frutti flavour, including sweetener and blended nut oils.


The NINJA Nut mix is a further development from the development of the NINJA base mix and associated feed triggers. Since it's launch in August 2010, it has been very successful. NINJA Nut mix using the tried and tested nut base mix with the NINJA feed trigger. Black in colour.

The entire nut bait range can have customised flavours added to it on request.