Bait Mixes - we design, test and produce

We have many, many base mixes and attractors available to us and have used them to create some incredible bait since our formation in 2003. Our baits are used up and down the country to catch some incredible fish.

We carry out extensive field testing on all of our baits. This ensures a top quality product, and the results speak for themselves. Fantastic results often happen within early stages of field testing.

Pop-ups and Wafters

All of our baits can be supplied with matching pop-ups and wafters. Both products will exactly match your bait. Our pop-ups are cork dust pop-ups, ensuring they are buoyant and useable for many rigs.

Paste, Groundbait and Dips

With all of our base mixes and combinations, over fifty types, we will make and supply matching paste and ground baits that mimic the boilies visually and their exact composition.

At Active Bait Solutions we can also provide high quality bait dips/glugs which can be used as a dip for boilies as an extra attractor, or to bind ground baits with the addition of water. All of our dips are PVA friendly, so are suitable for use with all PVA products.

All glugs are based on the same food attractors used in the respective boilies. Fished based boilies use mainly hydrolysed marine protein liquid as a food carrier for other attractors and food oils are used for nut baits and bird foods but with any of the above products we will adapt to your specification.

Hardened Hook Baits

We can produce matching hardened hook baits to overcome nuisance species, such as eels, bream and poisson chat. Like our pop-ups and wafters these hook baits will be identical to your bait, being made out of the same paste.


Although primarily our bait is fresh, frozen bait we recognise that at times our customers require their baits to be short-term preserved for going abroad or fully preserved for those with limited freezer space. In our standard mixes we can provide preservative free of charge, however, the price may vary for our custom mixes.

Short Term Preservative - short term preservative is added to the bait during mixing which will prolong the life of the bait without freezing. The bait is still fresh, requiring freezing but is ideal for trips to France and other foreign waters.

Fully preserved - fully preserved baits are preserved for good. They do not require freezing, however, as a guideline you should use your preserved (shelf life) baits within 6 - 12 months.

We do not recomend air drying any of our baits as they all contain active ingrediants if you need to prolong the life of your baits please phone for advise.