Winter Mixes - Dedicated winter baits, for winter fishing

After many years in the bait trade and thousands of pounds spent in the last twenty five years trying to make carp baits work in cold water temperatures I've come to the conclusion that all the mixes and liquid combinations were practically ineffective when the water temperature drops to low 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're going to catch you will catch on any bait that is reasonably acceptable.

But my reasoning changed about five years ago with Active Bait Solutions Malarkie, a top quality fishmeal which uses Hydrolysed Marine Protein with a liver attractor package. This fishmeal worked better than any mix from my Premier Baits days in cold water temperatures, the reason being the Liquid fish protein plus Vitamin B content.

So, the next winter I experimented with higher levels of liquid fish protein and Vitamin B, changing the liquid flavours to the very soluble winter types to enhance the overall attraction. And most people who use this bait which became known as 5th Element won't leave home without it in the winter months, some stay on it for twelve months of the year - that is due to their incredible results, and rely on its effectiveness and quality.


Our latest winter bait MGM takes these ideas to a new level by adding even more soluble fish protein with fish enzyme liquid and different essences to push the boundaries of carp bait to a different level giving you an optimum chance of catching carp down to as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

5th Element

This is a cold water Malarkie mix which gives you a cold water attractor system. Using the Malarkie base mix; we use the Hydro Marine Protein at a higher level incorporating liquid liver extract to give increased Vitamin B content. We then infuse these two liquids with two very soluble flavours - Condensed Milk and Dairy Cream and then add a very low amount of Butyric Acid to buffer the PH Values. This variation can still be used in the summer months and will be just as effective, as some anglers who won't change after their great winter results.