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Our Trade Services

Providing quality bait is so much easier when you have over thirty years of industry knowledge and a specialised team behind you. That is why Active Bait Solutions offer specialised trade services on the design and rolling bait.

Providing the correct bait

With so many baits on the market and a vast list of ingredients, attractors, additives and enhancers available it's a confusing subject. We can accurately assess what type of bait you require.

Who will you be selling too? What waters do the customers fish? Do you require a single bait or a range of baits? These questions form the basis of our assessment and we can then come up with a suitable base mix, attractor package and other ingredients, i.e. stimulants and colouring to fulfill your needs.


Just like with our custom mixes, we can soley provide you a unique bait and will not disclose or sell this to anybody else. We do have limitations, but we will be 100% honest with you in what we can do. Please contact us for details.