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Hydra K Boilies


Early tests of this bait were incredible, which we followed up with a team of field testers who trusted us to use a completely new bait without a name. The bait is of the utmost quality and is highly digestible with large amounts of stimulating attractors included in the mix. The base mix designed to slowly soften, releasing a high leakage of amino acids into the water column triggering a feeding response from the carp. We know this incredible bait will produce all year round and will have a great impact on catches with longevity within your fishing. The Hydra-K utilizes the very best ingredients available to us. These include pre digested fish meals and a blend of hydrolysed fish protein liquids, amino stimulants from krill and a high level of betaine. The base mix uses the best krill meal, fish meals, birdfoods, milk proteins and vitamin supplements. The Hydra-K is the first of our premium range of baits being developed and introduced to the range. Use with complete confidence, apply well and you will be rewarded time and time again.

Available in Freezer & Shelflife options.

Round sizes: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm & 30mm

Dumbell sizes: 12mm x 15mm, 14mm x 18mm & 18mm x 22mm

For large quantities or customised bait orders, please phone the our office on 01304 620111.

PLEASE NOTE - All bait is rolled fresh to order and sent direct from the drying racks without going in a freezer, so delivery times will vary depending on how busy we are at the time of you placing your order.

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