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K2 Boilies


K2 is the second bait to be developed and introduced into our premium range of carp foods. When we were talking about putting together a new fishmeal based bait, it had to be better than the Hydra K from the off. Hydra K, is without a doubt, the top selling and best carp catching bait that we have ever produced, in 20 years. The Hydra K basemix was always going to be the perfect foundation for this bait, because as we mentioned previously, it is the best fishmeal basemix that we have ever produced.

So with the base set, it was time to add in the key components to take this onto the next level. The new K2 derives from a few different elements that already exist in our current baits, but for a very good reason.

There is no denying that carp absolutely love garlic, they have done for as long as we can remember and we can’t see that changing anytime soon. GNZ is one of our most popular baits amongst our big fish anglers, and it’s not hard to see why with the likes of ‘The Burghfield Common’ and ‘Two Tone’ at a British record weight falling foul to it over the years. Because of the amazing properties contained within our exclusive garlic oil, we have taken parts of the superb package that we use in the GNZ, and combined this into the new K2 boilie.

K2 will also contain high, but optimum levels of liquid hydrolysates, for maximum leakage, whilst retaining the soft texture that the Hydra K and the rest of our baits are famed for. High liquid content has always set the Hydra apart from the rest, for maximum leakage and continuous attraction leeching out into the lake once introduced onto the zone.

The bait will also contain high levels of the best, pre-digested fishmeals, betaine, krill meal, amino stimulants and vitamin supplements that we can source. Available to order now, freshly rolled and sent direct to your door!

Available in Freezer & Shelflife options.

Round sizes: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm & 30mm

Dumbell sizes: 12mm x 15mm, 14mm x 18mm & 18mm x 22mm

For large quantities or customised bait orders, please phone the our office on 01304 620111.

PLEASE NOTE - All bait is rolled fresh to order and sent direct from the drying racks without going in a freezer, so delivery times will vary depending on how busy we are at the time of you placing your order.

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